So I’m starting this year on an extremely productive note.

I have committed myself to reading 52books in a year, thanks to an online book club.

The first book for this week is 52 MONDAYS; The One-Year Path to Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness by VIC JOHNSON

I know right! Best way to start the year.

Here is the main idea of the book: The key to achieving more in the next year is to set aside a little time every week on a “same time, same channel” basis where you step back from the day-to-day bustle and focus on taking a step or two towards your goals.


The focus for the first Monday- Defining success and a method to keep you motivated.

Now, if you can’t define what your end goal is, then how can you make conscious steps towards actually actualizing it?

And if you can’t devise ways to stay motivated and gritty towards achieving your goals, you shouldn’t even bother to work on your goal!

The first Monday is the most important Monday, because this Monday is asking ‘Are you actually ready to set goals and achieve it?’.

52mondays are 52weeks of conscious productivity to get to where you want to be.

Don’t just read a book! Learn from it.

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