Not everyone has a choice whether to fight their demons or not . Whether you have the strength to or not, you fight it anyway!

This is your cross really        

You have to fight it till the very end 

The problem is,

We are too busy fighting our demons we forget how to live life

And realize how much life has dealt with us 

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you had no demons to fight? 

We only hope that our demons let us live life 

And forget to live life in the process 

and forget even how to live life 

And forget the hope and promise of a great future. 

So why be so distraught and not live life?

Why carry your demons around like they are some gods?

Why let them think they have won this time? 

Why even attempt to give up?

Your demons are not your gods!

Brace up and live life !

Life is for living !
              Senior Advocate for life living