If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends, if broken by an inside force, Life begins. Great things always begin from the inside”


Now that the year is coming to an end, I will like to share eventful moments from the year 2016 that I never got to share, owing to series of occupied events. I never did a summary of my 2015, which was another wonderful year. 

Looking back, I achieved things I never thought I would achieve. I switched courses in the University, which was a stressful process and accounts for the reasons why I had quite a busy 2016.


2016 was the year I was at my lowest and the year I picked myself backup. I wasn’t sure if I was fighting with depression or depression was battling with me. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything due to previous experiences and sometimes this events are just what you need to forge ahead. In school, you work your ass off and hope for positive results, but it bounces back. You find yourself at your “All time Low”. I noticed the increase in classmates that stopped attending lectures. You are discouraged to try harder. You feel like giving up on the whole education thing and pray the likes of Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud comes to swoop you off your feet, because you just can’t take anymore. The kind of low you get to, that makes you see reasons why students commit suicide. ‘I am not a dumb student, Heck no! I am exceptional’ Times like these you need to remind yourself of how good you are and how much talent you have, to show the world.


I would not say I bounced back almost immediately because I did not. It took a lot of self-motivation, words of encouragement from friends and of course God. 

You know how different situations in your life draws you closer to God? Especially times you are at your lowest? It is a good thing because it shows you still have hope and your faith has not shifted. You can boldly say faith over fear. Self-evaluation, self-motivation and self-development became my focus. I started by trying to achieve things I wanted to do before I got into the university and re-evaluating what needed to be added to that list.



I got myself more involved in community projects, after being absent from my organisational duties. 

I had the opportunity of educating a group of secondary students with my fellow teammates on Global citizenship education, I was amazed by how outspoken the students were and the thought-provoking responses they gave.

In pursuit of self-development, I applied for internships at investment banks and got an interview for the Goldman Sachs spring internship programme. Although I did not make the cut for the programme, I learnt a whole lot. 2016 was the year I got two jobs in places I never applied to. I kid you not!


I invested more time than I would travelling to attend conferences, career fairs and seminars. Where I learnt a great deal. A speaker from a business conference said and I quote ‘Don’t be Mediocre’. Mediocrity is a sin. Once you throw off the ‘Mediocre’ name tag, you will do a whole lot. 

People often times forget how God has created each of us in a unique way with gifted abilities and instead drown themselves in self-pity, trying to gain approval from men in whatever step they take, without realising the damage being done. Taking risk is part of life.


I would admit to not being so great in the calling and chatting department or as some would put it not being a very good friend. I am terrible at keeping in touch and checking up on people. Is it just me or sometimes you feel when you get to close to people you could get hurt and people are not who they seem to be? Well guess what ? I am leaving all that with Mr 2016 and will try to be better in these departments. Oh and yes I was re-united with a friend I had not seen in over six years, which brought me down memory lane. Some friendships do last forever.
What I learnt in 2016 was RESILIENCE

I am thankful for all who made 2016 such an amazing year for me!

I look forward to 2017 with you!

A quote to take into year 2017: ‘Stop acting so small you are the universe in ecstatic motion’ – Rumi