Yaaay! Its Christmas eve. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? No you can’t because there’s no excitement. It feels like every other day except I know two things are constant- Food and Love

Christmas season is that time of the year where people get excited on what they will be getting and what will be added to their list of other bunch of stuff, That time of the year where everyone in your entire family comes home and sits down at one dinner table crowded with bowls of different sorts of rice (If you are Nigerian you know the kinds I speak of), definitely fried chicken, Mashed potatoes( If your family is the kind that goes all out there) , soups , cakes, ice-cream and what have you.

I think the food part gets to me though. I like a good old buffet!

Everyone expecting a gift from the man with the beer belly and big red cap- Mr Santa Claus.

Who has never exactly gotten my list right.

Christmas is that time of the year were a good percentage of people get a day off work to relax with their families. Everyone in the entire neighbourhood is home. Neighbours exchanging pleasantries and their home cooked food.

Families you never knew existed in your house, telling you all the things you have never done as a kid and claim they know you. But I don’t know you! You don’t know me. Then again if you are offering me money for knowing you, I think I know you, we can work something out.

Christmas day is the day I dedicate 1440minutes (minus the first 300minutes of my time sleeping because I know the task ahead of me and I need my beauty sleep! minus 300minutes in church) of my time to the kitchen, because I am a stakeholder in food affairs. Being a girl-child has a lot of responsibilities attached to it.

The day I have to look extra good because of the cousins, friends and kids your age of your parent’s friends coming over, and not look like a homeless person. (Hey it’s my house I can dress how I like, I look good on the inside. I am like a pack of Roses you never know what you might find).

The day I plan to meet prince charming, husband material, educated, handsome, God-fearing with a good sense of humour all wrapped up in one type of guy. Where do I want to meet him? In the kitchen? We will meet ourselves one day.

Where is my garrulous self heading? (oh yes! I just learnt that word from my sister) Well yes, I am not much of a party person, but what makes me happy the most on Christmas day is that Everyone is excited )well “appears” happy for one day), a great amount of love is being passed around and the entire country is almost well fed on this glorious day. Do not turn down the person that comes to you in search of food. You have enough to go round. Give cheerfully and make someone smile, even if you can only do 1 day out of 365days of the year.

Blessed is the day which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love and remembrance of Christ.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Season’s Greetings,