What does happiness feel like?
What does it take to be happy
Can happiness be bought ?
Can I trade Mr.sadness for Mr.Happiness?
How much does it cost ?
I am ready to pay
If it means bidding for happiness
I am ready to pay.
Tell me where it is being auctioned.
I long to be genuinely and constantly happy
Happiness with no borders,
Where my soul is at peace
Where everyone longs for what I own,
Where it is mine and no one else’s .

But she never found happiness


She puts on smiles for appearances,
And it becomes a mask she cannot do without,
You never ask whats is wrong,
You ask when there is nothing wrong,
Because it takes someone that actually cares to notice what is wrong.
She puts on smiles for appearances,
Because that is what keeps her going.
Her weakeness disguised as strength
And her flaws as perfection
You never see the tears
She won’t let you

And you will never know what goes on inside that beautiful soul that longs for happiness.