I saw a man today
Whom the toils, struggle and hardship told on his skin.
You could not exactly depict his age.
He had harsh dry skin with veins jotting out from every muscle and limbs,
scars on his hands and charcoal dust under his feet,
The type you see that has not gone a day without work,
The type you see who can go hungry for days, not because he wants to,
but because he is unable to feed  his kids.
I saw a man today with biceps and triceps, not because he aimed at getting it, but because he had no choice than to let nature run its course
I saw a man today………  
And I started to cry
Because what I thought I saw was not what I saw.
What I saw wasn’t what I thought.
The man I saw today was a mother.
A mother who is the breadwinner for her family.

Bee Ade