A cloud doth weighs my mind,
It fills the length and breadth of my inner most depth,
It  surrounds my thoughts and impedes on my emotions.
It toys with all my intuitions.
A dark cloud.
It Fills my heart, constitutes my mortal part.
It cuts me deep.The pain feels  more than that of a knife penetrating through my skin.

The world seems so cruel. There’s this emptiness in my soul.
I’m trying to be brave but the night keeps me from sleeping.
I do not know what I long for, but maybe I’m dreaming.
Just maybe I can escape from this nightmare.
I know there’s something out there.
I know there’s a remedy.

But what if there isn’t?
What if I am not dreaming?
What if I am not sleeping?
What if this madness is real?
The thought of no remedy haunts me,
The walls are listening but not answering.
I hear voices mocking me.

I try to find comfort within.
I try to picture a future with the sun,
The sweet smell of happiness,
The dancing leaves and singing birds.
The laughter of the waves and giggling of the trees.
No dark clouds, just the cheerful sun.

I want to be as happy as the sun

Can someone hear me?
They think I’m crazy. Talking to myself.
But they put me to it. They brought me here.
They brought me to this place.
I don’t remember how I got here.
But they brought me to this place.
*screaming *

Bolanle Adeniran

Bee Ade