The Imperfect
I’m not flawless the way you are. I disagree with Beyonce’s song ‘flawless’ because really is there anyone without flaws?
Even though we aspire to be perfect. But can we really be perfect?
We try so hard, Trying to get it right on first attempts pushing so hard. We are perfectly imperfect. Sometimes you just have to learn to embrace your flaws.

What are flaws ? A mark, blemish, or other imperfection which mars a substance or object. In this case a human being.
Social media platforms like Instagram Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, SnapChat and whatever platform you can think of that allows you upload pictures and feel good about yourself especially now that the blackberry messenger itself now has an option to like statuses and display pictures. All this has made us deluded into thinking the person on the other end of the cell phone is perfect with all the overrated filters and ‘badass’ camera phones making us believe in what some connotes as pretense. We see a beautiful picture without even realizing there is a lot going on behind that beautiful face and unfading smile we fail to understand people can be broken. Like the old saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover”. Take your time to examine the content.

Its easy to upload pictures online and act like everything is fine when your world is crumbling. You had once believed in yourself that you are strong and able to face any sort of circumstances that envelopes you but when something so big or so little hits start to doubt yourself and wonder can I really do this? You begin to lose hope and all sense of faith.

I have always been the type of girl that believes she can do anything and it will work out in the end, I love a good old challenge and I love daring myself. There are times I’d have my doubts and start to think about my options, the questions and possibilities of “What if’s”, instead of just acting on it and think about all the positive benefits.

Sometimes we try to picture ourselves in other people’s lives people who we place so high and think they have it all for example ‘Celebrities’. Well they do sort of have it all. I remember growing up I adored Keri hilson so much I love her voice and she is so pretty, Don’t forget the hair the blond and black hair she had going on back then. I went as far as getting a blonde dye, I didn’t even think dying your hair had processes or procedures you had to follow especially to get the right hair color. so I hurried off to the shops and got myself a pack of blonde hair dye and dipped the whole frontal half view of my hair in it, because my target was the fringe . After the first attempt I saw that my hair was a ginger colour. I was a ginger . Yes a “Red haired” “A ginger “. I almost screamed when I saw the colour of my hair I acted on impulse and didn’t even think of how the hair was going to look on me. I was so scared of my mum finding out of which she eventually did.

What am I trying to say we aspire perfection in all imperfection. I wanted to look like the star on television. Oh and that rhymed and I am not even close to Buster Rhymes. :). If you didn’t smile at that just walk away from my post and get a good sense of humour biko .

Do I believe in perfection?
I believe in being yourself, no matter what other folks may think of your opinions, actions or judgement . I believe in creating a niche for yourself and aspire to be perfect even in an imperfect world where it seems like all odds are against you. I believe we all have the ability to change our environment in any little way possible even when it seems impossible and there is the ‘All hope is lost’ aura.

You have gashes on your soul, bruises on your heart and burns and blemishes on your skin. It’s okay! We are humans!

The truth is, there are times I get scared of what the future may be and how everything unfolds in the end. I have had my confused moments and really needy moments where I am afraid to speak up and talk or never find the words to say it. They say ‘A problem shared is a problem half solved.’ I never really believed that saying not until recently. I tried it out, when you actually share your problems with someone and I mean a good friend you feel this comfort deep down within your soul. No joke. You should try it!

We struggle ,we stumble, we love,we hurt ,we cry, yet we prevail, triumph and conquer! We are messed up humans trying to be the best in what we do. It’s okay! Its okay to mess up every once in a while.

Aspire perfection in your imperfect world.

Bee Ade