College is just a bunch of kids sitting on bunk beds trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.

College has been known to be what makes you employable in the world we live in

After college or even in the middle of college when we try to put what we have achieved on our curriculum vitae we now start to wonder what exactly have we done with our years in school. What then have we achieved! have we achieved everything we plan to achieve in the space of 4 years or even 7 years? Writing a CV in your 2nd year or even your first year helps you realize you have work to do. It makes you realize how you do not have much time in school again. It’s either now or never. Do these groups, conferences, internationals organizations, or other forms of organizations matter? Do they really help me? Yes they do because you learn a lot from these groups  

It’s good to come out of school and not have regrets that, oh I should have joined this or I should have joined that while I had the chance in school

We often get scared of the future especially after leaving school; we think oh the world out there is scary.  How do I compete with these people? How do I survive with these people? I don’t think I’m ready then we rush to do our masters. So we can feel like we are ready. But are we ready after all this?

The funny thing is your certificate doesn’t define you, because about 60%of people with a degree aren’t in their field of study. Your certificate gives you an edge. yes. But if you have a degree that you cannot back up and you are unable to communicate with the outside world and make things happen, then it’s just as good as a blank paper.  It’s not your degree that gets you the job, sometimes they just want to know if your brain has the ability to think and put things down on paper.

To be continued….