Hi guys,

It’s been a while we spoke. I know you feel like punching me right now but I really can explain. I honestly can. Okay maybe not! I have missed my dashboard and Mr. M.s word. It’s been a while we spoke one on one and bonded the way we do, the memories we both shared *sniff sniff * . You know you are irreplaceable right? I have missed you though and I know you have missed me too.

Well so far natural hair has been trending in my school. And even outside my school. A lot of girls now are taking the bold step of going through the big chop and becoming d natural hair diva. Girls are now throwing out their relaxers and perms to have the gorgeous thick African hair they were running away, from because of the stress that comes with it. Thank God for innovation and the advent of natural hair crèmes.

 Earlier on the blog I wrote an article on natural hair. Well the journey so far. Turns out I never did the big chop but my hair is still in the transitioning mode. Yes the bush on my head. I noticed my hair has more volume than before and the roots are firm and soft.

I attempted to do whole natural hair style on my head: Most popular one- “The bantu knots which I did by myself after taking out my weave. Bantu knots is done by twisting sections of your hair into knots and pulling out the knots the following day or the day after that , to achieve the kinky look. It can be done on both natural and relaxed hair and can last up to a week, depending on how well it’s kept.

 And yes it was loved. I got questions like:  What did you do to your hair. Is it straw curls? Did you set your hair? Teach me I want to know. People would even say oh banana knots or banded knots I would laugh and say yes whatever you call it as long as you add the fact that they are knots. My bantu knots was called all sort of names from banana knots to bamboo knots. The first set of people I made it for was a friend and then my roommate. Did it come out well? They both carried it for like a week. So yes it did.

imageBefore I knew it people started trooping into my room asking for the “Bantu knots girl”. I was shocked and yes I collected the money o. My sister you don’t know when your fame will start.

Bantu knot is a really nice way to leave your hair out especially when you don’t know what else to do to your hair. You can even do it yourself by watching YouTube tutorials. Do not get frustrated and apply relaxer to your hair. Trust me you would regret it when you start seeing your fellow sisters rocking their natural hair.

The pains we go through.

My natural hair sisters in the houseimage

*short piece, I will make it up to you*