It’s no news to anyone that, in order to achieve a thing you need
to learn the art of asking
There are two things involved when it comes to asking 😦 1)
remove any obstacles that may hinder you from asking and (2)
know how to ask.

A lot of people miss many opportunities because they believe
asking is a sign of weakness or they hate being rejected and
being told the two letter word “ no”, for some people asking for
favours feels like they are begging , especially when it’s being
done by someone in a high position. We do not like getting the
“it’s obvious, everyone knows the answer to your question face”
or the shameful eye-rolls and awkward stares that make you
regret ever asking in the first place, but sometimes it’s worth
going through.

Research from Stanford university led by Daniel Newark shows
that people are more likely to say yes the second time after
having said no the first time, Having already said no once, it can
be more guilt inducing and uncomfortable to say no a second
time. The research also suggests that “help seekers may be the
least likely to ask for help from those people who in fact are the
most likely to help them”.

An American Artist –Amanda Palmer once said “The most perfect
tools can’t help us if we are not willing to face each other and
give and receive fearlessly”. Amanda is known for her courage and
fearless character in asking for what she believes in without a
care in the world about what anybody thinks.

In Amanda’s TED presentation and in her book, “The Art of
Asing”, she explains how she generated a large sum of money on
kick starter through asking her audience and fans, through her
tweets on twitter and her crowdsourcing practices. Although she
is hated by many because of her fearless attitude but this has
helped her career greatly. What is success without hatred?

There are a lot of young, innovative and business-minded
Nigerians out there. Who are looking for ways to pitch their
product or make themselves known to the outside world, but they
do not know how to achieve this, the step to take, or the people
to ask. This is why Finofund is here for you. Finofund can also
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