I don’t know why my mum complains I sleep a lot though and anytime I try to explain to her I need to get my beauty sleep, she just looks at me laugh and shakes her head and tells me how I’m just being plain lazy.
But you guys believe in beauty sleep right and I’m not just being lazy ?

We go through different forms of stress during the day, from attending classes, going to work and being out in the scorching heat all day, a beauty sleep is needed. Our smart phones, androids, and iPhones are known to be sleep disruptors. After the whole stressful day thing, we remember we have to ping the bae and end up chatting for hours till the early hours of the morning. hmm , I know right!
Beauty sleep is no myth. It is known to be very helpful in repairing the skin and rejuvenating the skin itself by lessening the severity of wrinkles in the face and neck. Research shows that skin cells rejuvenation almost doubles at night, between 11pm and 4pm. Cell division happens throughout the day but peaks at around 2am. The peak in cell division happens even when you stay awake at night but the surge in growth hormone does not occur.

Sleep deprivation is linked to inflammation and oxidative stress (which is linked to aging signs) it causes break in skin barrier function and mucous membranes.
A part of the brain that controls emotions, social interactions is reduced during sleep. Researchers suggest that this type of deep sleep help in maintaining optimal emotional and social functioning while they are awake.
Some of us have different skin treatment routines we do before bed like the face masks, facial scrubs, Face moisturizers and cleansers we use to avoid our skin breaking out in the morning. These cosmetic products are proven to work better when we take it before bed at night, because during the day they are susceptible to sunlight.

Researchers suggests that when you sleep is best to lie on your back than your side or stomach to prevent wrinkles ,when you sleep and rest your head on a pillow the same way every night, for years in the end can lead to wrinkles. Sleeping on your back is more appropriate. A friend of mine also suggests sleeping on your back prevents your breasts from sagging.

Sleep is a natural moisturizer –perspiration during sleep is a natural skin treatment.

Now you would agree with me that beauty sleep is needed. Although I have slept from 11pm- 5pm before, I don’t think that can still pass as beauty sleep. 😀