Hello word press, It’s been a while since I posted here, excuse my Pre-occupied self.
At times I wish I was born in the 1960’s, not that I wish to be that old. Heck no! Not yet anyway, But to be able to babble on and on about politics with all enthusiasm. You see a group of men talking nicely at a corner and suddenly you notice how their spirit light up as they transit from talking about food to politics. I witnessed this a lot as I grew older. When my friend’s parents would come visiting and suddenly you begin to hear who is likely to win the next election. Never come between a Nigerian man and his food, politics or football.

I walked into a restaurant one hot sunny day, and met 2 men sitted, discussing the affairs of the country.  I watched how this conversation emanated from a discussion of two to three, then four, then five, until I could count no more. This conversation started off with two calm men, having a solemn discussion over some mouthwatering, tongue salivating, chicken and veggie tasty, green peppered coloured rice with some spicy crispy ass chicken. I couldn’t help but notice while waiting for my order. In my mind I wondered why they would allow such good food get cold and go to waste.

Nigeria’s political system has always been the interest of the people even of their foreign counterparts.

We can all remember 2014 quite well and even before then. But I think Nigeria experienced a lot of mishaps in 2014.  Flashback to 2014 , The terrorist attacks that shook the country from January till date killing a huge amount of people by the Boko haram sect and gun men, The Violence between the Islamic terrorists group and the Nigerian Military, How 6.5 million people stormed various recruitments centers in the country in search of employment for the 4000 vacant positions in the Nigerian Immigration services. I wouldn’t blame those 6.5 million people, because these people have suffered unemployment for so long and they would jump at any opportunity at increasing their standards of living, A few were injured in pursuit of a better livelihood, The Bomb explosion in Abuja in a crowded bus station, killing quite a number of people and injuring some, The Bring our girls back campaigns which was triggered by the “Boko haram” kidnap of 276 girls from their school in Chibok. It didn’t stop there! The explosion at Jos and Kano, The suicide bomber attacks. The list is endless; I could go on and on and on. All in one year!

When will all this actually stop? The Giant of Africa is crying for a change.

I employ you all to vote wisely and don’t let that “Egunje” influence your vote 😁.