Have you heard the phrase “talent is the greatest capital of all?”

It all started when I walked into the Large Lecture Theatre at faculty of the social sciences hoping to find my lecturer, only to stumble upon a tall young man dressed in a chocolate-brown blazer with handmade button holes giving a talk. I knew it could not possibly be the lecturer because this man was dressed in an English attire .Some Social Sciences’ lecturers are known for their neatly starched crisp native wear especially the Economics lecturers. People say they believe in consuming locally made products rather than foreign goods so has to help work towards improving the economy. So they say! I am still at the verge of finding that out, probably when I summon the courage to interview one. J Which will still happen.

At first I wasn’t sure if he was one of those Evangelists or a Student Politician hoping to win the votes of the class. The class did not hold for one reason or the other. But still I never regretted my walking into the class or the effort I put in, walking from my hall of residence to the venue.

I caught the young man halfway in his speech. It was more of an inspirational talk. He seemed well vast and knew what he was saying. “Was he a pastor?” I asked myself. “A politician maybe?” I wouldn’t think so! I’m still uncertain because I never got a chance to talk to him after the class because I was in haste for my next class.

He spoke on people who made it in life at a very tender age people who made it before the completion of their degree programme in school, even dropouts, who people never knew can turn out to be someone great. Who knows the story behind Sinach- A gospel Artist? Who ever knew she read a science related course? Today, it’s not the science degree she bagged or what she read in school that gave her the fame, but her music.

What really struck me in this young man’s speech was what he quoted “Talent is the greatest capital of all” I just had to write this down. And it got me thinking even after leaving the venue. How can your talent be the greatest capital of all? How what you read does not in most cases determine your future especially in a country like Nigeria.

When starting up a big business or even a small business. Let’s say a restaurant. You would need, land or a venue, staffs, kitchen utensils, equipment, machineries, and mark out the best location that would suit the restaurant that will generate fast income, because location is paramount in every business. When one has a talent in music, arts or crafts one has a part of the capital sorted out. Some do not even need to source for funds .they may be lucky to get a sponsor who discovers this talent in them and probably sponsor their talent.

I was discussing with a friend a few months back, we were talking about the message he heard at his place of worship, on how many youths today are too dependent and are not ready to start becoming independent .The preacher said a lot of youths today have stopped thinking, probably because of the daily or monthly allowance they get off their parents or stipends from uncles and aunties, that they are so relaxed and not even bothered about the future ahead of them. You know the prayer the preacher issued during the message? “Anybody that is not making you think and is not allowing you to use your own initiative due to the stipends or allowances they are giving you I order them to stop giving you now, so that you would begin to think in Jesus name” and the congregation went quiet only few said amen. Funny right! The few who said amen I am sure they were getting ready to break free from dependency and become independent.

I have met a lot of students so far during my stay on campus that are extremely creative and are not waiting till they finish their degree programme before they start working or put their creative minds at work neither are they waiting for the job they would get after their degree. From restaurant owners to Graphic designers, Fashion designers, Writers, Farm owners, Female carpenter (I know right! Cool!! And not just any carpenter. Any female ever thought of being a carpenter?), Advertisers Bloggers, and many more. They started thinking outside the box.

I read a book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I am sure many have read this book too. There was this part in the book were Buckminster Fuller defined Wealth as “a person’s ability to survive so many numbers of days forward… or if I stopped working today, how long could I survive?”

The amount of days you stop working and still survive defines the level of your wealth. .

I quote from the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad “There is a big difference between your profession and your business. Often I ask people, “What is your business?” And they will say, “Oh I’m a banker.” Then I ask them if they own the bank.” I laughed while reading this.

The best way to survive in life is by having multiple businesses or multiple source of income , that way you are sure when one fails to generate money the other will

Do not wait till you graduate from college or University before you start thinking of businesses or jobs you can go into and using your initiative. Now is the time. I am sure if you have an idea in mind that seems like it would be forthcoming and be profitable you will get supports , You’d get it even without searching.

Bee Ade

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