Hi guys,
It is that time of the year again, where new students(freshers) get all worked up, stressed and are being extorted in all possible ways.

First week of registration and resumption is always so tedious coupled with orientation programmes.

Second week of resumption was actually not so bad ..
The way freshers are being extorted in this school ehhn chaii! You pay all sort of fees. You are not even paying it once, but in tiny little pennies that adds up to a big lump sum. If you are not paying faculty dues you are paying departmental dues. I’m pretty sure the money used in photocopying all this needed documents would be more than the school fees by now. Hehehe . Maybe not more than sha!
Freshers ehhn , They have really suffered . Experience is really the best teacher.

Imagine a new student who chaters a private cab (Drop) going to a particular hall. Unknowingly, he is standing right in front of the hall,which he takes an #80 cab to within the school. The driver happily picks up this passenger and takes him for a jolly ride by taking him all around the school and then dropping him back right where he started .( Probably the back of the hall) .
Funny right! That money would have done well to my stomach 😦

Let me give you another instance,
My friend chaters a cab going to the Department of sociology and tells the driver she would like to stop at her hostel to get something from a friend.The driver tells her she has to pay for the price of two, because she is being dropped and picked up again.Now she is to pay 80naira *2 =160naira. Habba!! 2 drops ke? Really outrageous!!

Life of a fresher!! *Choii!! Experience is the best teacher.But, it is not so nice when you are the student!

Au revoir