The most expensive selfie ever taken!!

This selfie tweet has been retweeted more than 27,000 times
The selfie phenomenon looks to have reached a staggering new low.
This tweet is believed to show a teenager who has snapped a
picture of himself in school just before he is about to take GCSE
The caption reads: “just failed all my gcses and disqualified from
taking public exams for the next 5 years but it’s worth the RTs”
The tweet by user @kmrd10 has since been retweeted more than
27,000 times and trended worldwide.
However, the origins and authenticity of the tweet remain unclear.
The account whose tweet has gathered so much attention,
@kmrd10, now claims it is not him in the photo.
He says it is someone else’s selfie and he was simply making fun of
it in the caption.
Either way, surely a lesson has been learned.
The tweet has been shared on Reddit and
numerous other viral-content sites .
However, its origins remain a mystery.

This selfie is probably going to be famous for like months and then everyone would forget about him.
But really was the selfie worth it??

CHAIII!!! If it were an african kid , They do probably take him for deliverance and beat the devil out of him!! Mtstcheeewww!!