It was a beautiful dark evening, PHCN had ceased power, sadly !
I was about going to the kitchen to get my deliciously made Spicy Noodles .When I heard my little brother- Little S  shouting “Heyyy, Come out ! There is something outside”. We all thought he was trying to prank us as usual! So we ignored him. Then he cried out again ” There is something that looks like a snake outside” . Immediately we all rushed out .Just the females and Little S in that evening.
We got to the scene and saw this long fat ass snake outside, close to the entrance.We stood there frozen to our heels. Mum was screaming “What are we going to do ? How are we going to kill it ? ” Little S suggested pouring an anointed oil on it. But we didn’t buy that idea.
Honestly, you are not a Nigerian if you don’t have or own a cutlass in your house. And no it is not being used to kill human beings.
Okay, So I ran back into the house to get a cutlass. When I eventually brought it out, we were all staring at each other like who is going to kill it? HEHE!!
Mum was already praying for the snake to die. 🙂  She grabbed the cutlass and smite the head of the snake twice. Then the head popped off ! The two segmented part of the snake was still wriggling. Ms Tee was like  the snake can grow another head. Immediately,  I grabbed the cutlass and cut off the snake’s tail. Ms Tee shouted again “I think a snake has 5 hearts”  I picked up the cutlass again and stabbed the snake on every part of its body. Making sure every part of its body disseminated. I know it sounds gruesome!
That was how I witnessed and partook in the first hand murdering of a snake ! Now, I would have posted the picture of the gruesome snake. But, did not want to scare you all off the blog . 😀