My first blog entry:

I have always dreamed of writing stories, books and anything writable .But my greatest challenge has always been what to write about .While in secondary school, I feared the essay section, Where you are to write on a given topic.

I enjoy reading other people’s blog entries from stories to experiences, fictions to real life scenarios and case studies to comics. In my head I wondered “Would my own writings would ever be as good as theirs?”  The thing is you would never know until you try! This is why I decided to venture into blog writing. It is actually quite funny how my stories eventually come to place.

I remember when I wrote the essay ‘’The Inexplicable Ills Of ASUU strike’’ never published but read by a few, (Coming soon on the blog) , Still an unfinished work. The essay was actually written out of annoyance .Many Nigerian student would understand why. Imagine staying at home for months and months not knowing when the strike would be called off or when varsities would resume for work.

I guess writing also depends on the kind of mood you are in at that very moment you begin writing .
I remember the days I wanted to be a fashion designer, was much younger than this. In my junior school, I was so engrossed in fine arts .My biggest obsession were magazines with pictures of models, clothes shoes and bags on them I once had this scrap book where I would cut out different pictures of clothes and every fashion accessory, and stick them in the scrap book with a pritt stick (paper glue).

For my junior cert exam my project was centered on fashion. I sculpted a very funny looking head with a hat on it .it was quite solid .Made from chicken wire, paper Mache and molded with clay .At first the face looked quite funny. I am not a very good sculptor. LOL “SSHHH” It is a bit weird how I can draw faces of people but I can’t draw shoes .Quite sad actually, because I love shoes .
I actually still cannot draw shoes!

Anyway moving on.How “I want to be a fashion designer” became “I wanted to be a fashion designer “ Growing up in Nigeria , when you want to get your clothes sown, be it a new native or English wear, You visit a Tailor . Hardly would you hear anyone saying they want to go to the fashion designers’ .I actually never knew what being a fashion designer meant or what it entails. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They ask, I poshly reply “A fashion designer” then they look at me funny .Like I have got a monkey sitting on my head . I never understood why .Till much later.

In Nigeria being a fashion designer or a tailor is regarded as the same profession .They address you the same way they would address a tailor. Plus it is believed to be a profession for the plebs and the masses. This is very wrong!

A fashion designer is the creative mind behind any item of clothing .They conduct research, develop a concept and vision for those who would wear their clothing items , they create a visual image through sketches or designs to fit their intended customer.
The fashion designer visualizes the garment and then brings a team of skilled people to assist in the construction of the idea.

A tailor is the architect of the clothing, one who repairs, makes or alters a clothing PROFESSIONALLY.A tailor makes dresses which the client might select from what celebrities wear, published in magazines or newspapers.

A tailor and a fashion designer is clearly not the same thing, a fashion designer conceives and visualizes the idea of the clothing while a tailor makes, repairs and alters clothing.
There are many notable fashion designers who have made it in the fashion industry ,Top African designers like Deola Sagoe , Folake Folarin Coker ( Nigeria) ,Oswald Boateng (Ghana) and Top World designers like Ralph Lauren, Coco chanel, Louis vitton etc.

Being a tailor or a fashion designer does not make you a pleb ! This is not what shifted my onset, from fashion designing. However, I would like to motivate others, to believe in what they enjoy and take pride in what they do . Who knows you can create your own fame in what others feel is embarrassing or what they regard as for the low class !

The art of writing whatever comes to your head , This is what came to mine.

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